New Kelly Clarkson AND New Zayn?! [MUSIC INSIDE]

We woke up this morning to TWO NEW SONGS from two of our favorites! 

First, Kelly Clarkson is back with "Love So Soft" which is a mixture of the "Since You Been Gone" Kelly Clarkson, some throwback 50's vibes, and some sick club beats. I mean, we could literally break up with our boyfriend, take him back, take him to the drive in, dump him again, and have a girl's night at the club ALL with this song. 


Then, we've got new music from Zayn featuring Sia "Dusk Till Dawn"... 

This song, I'd say is like the heart of Sia, with those amazing vocals and the first One Direction Album Zayn where they gave him all the good harmonies in their songs. It's so good. This is not pillowtalk Zayn, this is a new Zayn.

Also, this music video is basically an entire movie of Jason Bourne / Fast and The Furious / Pretty much every action movie ever... 

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