Why Don't We Takes Over 1075 KISS FM

Why Don't We came to the 1075 KISS FM lounge on Thursday September 14th, and we had a party with five of our favorite guys... 

I had the chance to meet the guys (except Jonah, we literally go way back. I introduced Jonah on stage in Minnesota on his first show ever), interview them, and hear them sing Something Different, These Girls, and they even did a mashup of Slow Motion and Despacito... 

First, here's my picture with the guys... I feel like I could totally be a part of the band. 

Right Before Why Don't We Hit The 1075 KISS FM Lounge!

Here are some exclusive videos taken yesterday, including an interview with questions asked by twitter followers. Yes, if I used your questions- I let all of the boys know your twitter handles! Like, Corbyn might know your twitter name... 

Watch below:

Also, you gotta include a good selfie...

Again, am I part of the band yet? 

After their performance, they signed the wall in the 1075 KISS FM lounge. Basically, legend states that once you sign the wall, you're on your way to EXTREME SUCCESS, so when they get even MORE famous, it's probably because of 1075 KISS FM (Guys, Ed Sheeran signed the wall)

Why Don't We Signs The Wall In The 1075 KISS FM Lounge!

Last, but not least... Click on the listen live link below, because the guys have their own iHeartRadio Station. 

Guess what I'm listening to all day today? 

Thanks to all our listeners for making our Why Don't We performance an awesome time! We appreciate you!

Listeners in the 1075 KISS FM lounge!

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