Philly Fans love the Eagles so much they destroy EVERYTHING.

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As a native of Philadelphia, I apologize for all the craziness you are about to see. Last night was an amazing moment for me and my family. Just look... My dad Facetimed me after the game and he was in tears! The Eagles have NEVER won a super bowl, so to see that was absolutely incredible, even 1,100 miles away from where I grew up!

My dad was 7 years old when he listened to the NFL Championship when the Eagles beat the Packers on the radio in 1960 because it was blacked out in the Philadelphia suburbs. 58 years later, were crying our eyes out 1,100 miles away from each other. PHILLY VS. EVERYONE. WE DID IT!!!!!!!! #SBLII #BIRDGANG

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However, what you're about to see, I can barely even put into words!

This dude is the king of Philly right now

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That is Broad Street in Center City Philadelphia last night. IT. WAS. INSANE.

Don't worry, it didn't stop there.

Philly looks like a Call of Duty Zombie Map right now

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“The Gang Wins a Championship” Eagles Championship shirts on sale. LINK IN BIO.

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Even the crew from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia were losing their minds!

This officer was trying to save this mans life in Philly last night

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As someone who grew up bleeding green, this is amazing to me. However, I do not condone or am I happy about the destruction being done to the city. There we're many fires and light posts taken down, cars flipped, but luckily, no one was reported to be critically injured or hurt. That doesn't make it any better, though. 

Trust me, I stayed off the light posts on Court Ave. after the win!

Would you go this crazy if your team won a championship?



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