Niall Horan's Uber Driver Speaks

Niall Horan perfromed at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in St. Louis on Friday night.  It happened to be the same night that there was a huge stadium show starring Journey and Def Leppard at Busch Stadium.  

On Saturday night, I happened to be driving around in an Uber in St. Louis with some radio friends.  After a bit, the driver said, "I can tell by your conversation that you are involved in the music industry?"  We told him we worked in media.  He said that he had Niall Horan in his car the evening before.  He didn't reveal this nugget until we were at the end of the ride.  I proceeded to ask him what I could think of. . . and I may have been hindered by the fact that I may have been tanked!  

He did tell us that Niall was a jokester and attempted to make a joke about the concert in town.  At one point someone in the ride with him said, "Are we almost to the hotel," and Niall responded with, "We're halfway there. . . " it was a reference to Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer," which could have been really funny if Bon Jovi had been in town instead of DEF LEPPARD.  Oh, Niall. . .