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Lindsay Lohan is filming an MTV Reality show in Greece, where she has relocated.  One of the clips from the show has gone viral.  It's Lindsay in a bathing suit and cover up doing some crazy dance!!!  It's gotten a lot of attention and a lot of mocking.  Busy Phillips was the first to poke fun at it.

Here is Lindsay Lohan doing her dance.  

💕🏳️‍🌈💕 #DoTheLilo

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@kellyoxford and I are trying our best to give you full Mykonos Lohan this Friday night- Honestly, it's weirdly harder to nail than it seemed. Respect. 👊🏻 (if you do it, we want to see! tag us!❤️)

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Above is Busy Phillips and her friend Kelly trying to re-create the greatness that Lindsay Lohan inspired.  #DoTheLiLo 

Are you in?  I totally will post your recreations if you email me.  :)  Taylorj2@iheartmedia.com  


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