New iPhones Announced

I never watch the annual Apple streaming meeting where they let us behind the curtain and announce the new iPhone upgrades.  I didn't watch it this year, either.  I am strictly on a need to know relationship with Apple products.  They're cool and all, but I don't need to get all techy.  I want to take pictures, text, access social media and make goofy faces on Snapchat.  LOL.  

I did, however, hear about something and want to get my grandma an Apple Watch for Christmas.  The new Apple Watch measures your heart rate.  If there is something wrong, they will notify you.  Also, there is a new feature on the Apple Watch that detects if you fall.  It sends out an alert (just like Life Alert), if you don't answer, they will send help.  

As for the iphones, there are three new phones:  XR ($749), XS ($999), XS Max ($1,099).  They are larger than iphones of the past and more durable.  The batteries are said to last an hour and a half longer than iphones of the past.