Taco Bell Names Mexican Food Brand Of The Year

A new Harris Poll finds that Taco Bell is the Mexican Food Brand of the Year.  The past two years, the honor has gone to Moe's.  Prior to that, Chipotle took top honors.  Many in social media land are not happy, mostly because the food is not very um, authentic.  It's not.  But, it's pretty good!  

So, honor or not, one thing that blows my mind, I don't understand why there are so few Taco Bell restaurants in Des Moines!!!!!  In most areas of the country, you can't go one mile without running into a Taco Bell or two.  It's so strange.  And, it doesn't seem like the Taco Bells in Des Moines are even open until 4am!!!  Like, what do you eat when you're drunk in Des Moines?!

This sketch is SO FUNNY.  Please enjoy (if you enjoy Taco Bell).