How To Bring Mayochup to Des Moines First

Heinz announced the release of Mayochup.  It is a product exactly as its name states it is:  a combination of Mayonnaise and ketchup.  I'm torn on how I feel about this.  Aside from a need in a specific recipe, I have never purchased a jar of mayo, it's just not in my array of foods that I regularly eat.  If I go to Jimmy Johns and order a sandwich and it has mayo on it, I will scrape some off and eat most of it.  I just don't actively pursue it.  Its among one of very few other unhealthy foods that I don't love.  

In any case, there was clearly a demand for this food.  It will be sold in grocery stores and on Amazon later this month.  The reason Heinz has decided to bottle this up is consumer demand.  They stated back in the Spring that if enough people voted for it on a Twitter poll, they would manufacture it.  Nearly one million people voted for it!

Now, if you are a super fan and you want some first, Heinz will send a food truck full of food samples to the city that tweets their excitement the most.  All you have to do is tweet "Des Moines" with the hashtag #Mayochup to @HeinzKetchup_Us.  Voting ends at midnight TONIGHT and Chicago is in the lead.  Maybe they'll come through DSM on the way to Chicago?  Vote here.