Reasons To Eat A Cheeseburger Today

Oh boy.  I started the day sipping tea and eating oatmeal. The healthy eating will probably go out the window by lunch.  Today is National Cheeseburger day.  Personally, I think it would be a great day to spend at Wahlburger's!!!  Can you believe the Wahlbergs are going to be here on Saturday?!  (Dying inside).  

Anyway, if you want to grab a burger for lunch or dinner, there are deals.  Most of the deals revolve around loading fast food chain apps on your phone or joining reward clubs.  For example, put the McDonald's app on your phone and you can get a $1 McDouble.  If you want a free Wendy's Single, you can buy on and get one, you must download the Wendy's app.  

Remember when iHOP fooled us earlier this year and said they were changing their name to International House of Burgers (iHOB)?  If you buy a steakburger at IHOP until 10pm tonight, they will give you a free side of pancakes!  

Where is your favorite place to get a cheeseburger in Des Moines?  A new girl wants to know!  

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