An Elderly Iowa Man Spreads Joy with Chocolate

Bob Williams knows the secret to life. . . chocolate.  Yeah, yeah, you're not supposed to take candy from strangers, but it's a pretty safe bet that the Hershey's bars that 94 year old Williams hands out are just fine.  He has a weekly ritual.  He goes to the Dollar General in Long Grove, Iowa every Saturday and buys a box of Hershey's chocolate bars.  He hands two to the cashiers, a third to the person in line behind him and then goes through town and hands them out randomly.  He, also, keeps an overflowing stash in his freezer.  Whenever he leaves the house, he brings them with to hand out.  Why does he do this?  He says, "it just puts a smile on their face.  It makes me feel good."  

The Hershey's company found out about Bob and are now using him in a new marketing campaign!  Keep making the world a better place, Bob!