Updated Slang Words

Business Insider recently surveyed teens to find out which words are still cool to use and which ones are definitely NC. . . not cool anymore.  

If you're still using the word SWAG to describe something cool, sorry, that was so 2012.  LIT is a much better option in 2018.

I know so many people that despise the word BAE.  If you hate it, too, you'll be happy to know that BAE is out, but referring to your friend as BRUH, is still ok.

Oh no, guess it's time to stop living so care-free, YOLO is OUT!  (You Only Live Once).  Key or Major Key is in.  Major Key was coined by DJ Khaled and is a description of things that are important.  Scratching my head.  This seems like going back to school. . .KEYword are important words.  What am I not getting here  Key is not cool!

Rad is out.  I can't believe is slightly came back in.  Chill is the replacement.  If you see something cool, it's chill.  It's not necessarily relaxed, it's just cool.  

Your perfect eybrows are no longer ON FLEEK.  They are now LOOKING SNATCHED.  Not sure how I feel about this.  

SICK to describe something awesome is OUT.  The replacement is SLAY.  Thank you, Beyonce!!!!  

Groovy is out.  Duh.  When was that EVER cool?  Oh, the Brady Bunch.  In 2018, Gucci is more appropos.  

So, now that i'm done writing this blog, i'm going to slay the rest of the day, you know, may some major key moves.  I don't know hang with my bruh who is looking snatched today in his new lit jeans.  Is dork still an okay word to use because that's exactly what I feel like right now.  :-)  


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