Classic Board Games Updated With Adult Versions

Game night is about to get a lot more fun!!!  Hasbro has given new life to some of our favorite classic board games!

My favorite board game as a child was Sorry!  The 2018 version is Sorry!  Not Sorry!  Love it.  Players race around the board sabotaging friends, stealing pawns and using their "Sorry!  Not Sorry! cards" to reveal their wildest "Have you ever" secrets.

In BOTCHED Operation. Players still take body parts out of Cavity Sam with tweezers, but they do this while doing a challenge.

Clue has turned into "What happened last night:  Clue Lost in Vegas."  Self explanatory.

The Game of Life has now been re-created as a quarter life crisis version.  Players try to stay out of debt while navigating things like dropping their phone in the toilet and calling in sick to binge watch tv shows.

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