Epic Pop Star Throwback Thursday Pic

Do you remember that epic photo shoot that was taken on the set of T. R. L.??  It was the year 2000 and it was a much, much simpler time.  Every single day you could turn on MTV and forget the days' troubles with videos from Britney Spears, 'NSync, and Christina Aguilera.  Destiny's Child taught you about how to handle guys.  The Goo Goo Dolls were cool.  Lenny Kravitz rocked the world.  And J-Lo.  For the first time, we found out our big booties were beautiful!!!!  

For one sweet day,   all of the aforementioned pop stars got together for one epic photo shoot.  Here is an awesome #TBT video of a behind the scenes T. R. L. Class of 2000 photo shoot!  

Look for Fred Durst hitting on Christina and her reaction.  Check out 'NSync oogling over J-lo, yet being too afraid to talk to her.  Check out the confidence of a young Britney Spears.