Justin Bieber DID Get Married

posted by Taylor J. - 

So back on September 13th, reports were sketch, but People magazine was reporting that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin got married.  The two were spotted at a New York City courthouse, but most thought it was just because they were applying for their marriage license.  It turns out, they did do that, but they brought along a preacher who married them that day.  

They reached out to lawyers on September 13th about a prenup, but went ahead and got married without waiting for the legal paperwork to get done.  So.  Justin Bieber is married.  Without a prenup.  He's worth $250 million.  Good luck, Kids.  

I guess that means that trip to Buckingham Palace where Justin serenaded Hailey was a honeymoon trip and he was serenading his new bride.  Ahhh. . . young love.  


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