Justin Bieber DID Get Married

So back on September 13th, reports were sketch, but People magazine was reporting that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin got married.  The two were spotted at a New York City courthouse, but most thought it was just because they were applying for their marriage license.  It turns out, they did do that, but they brought along a preacher who married them that day.  

They reached out to lawyers on September 13th about a prenup, but went ahead and got married without waiting for the legal paperwork to get done.  So.  Justin Bieber is married.  Without a prenup.  He's worth $250 million.  Good luck, Kids.  

I guess that means that trip to Buckingham Palace where Justin serenaded Hailey was a honeymoon trip and he was serenading his new bride.  Ahhh. . . young love.