National Taco Day Deals

I'm not sure if there is a day that suits me better than National Taco Day.  I live for tacos, as sad as that is.  The only thing that makes me happier than tacos is vodka.  Oh, what do you know?!  Today is ALSO National Vodka Day!  Why wasn't I born on October 4th?

In honor of National Taco Day, Taco Bell is offering a Taco gift set for $5 that includes four tacos:  Crunchy, Fiery, Cool Ranch and Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos tacos.

Taco John's is offering a free Crispy Beef Taco with the coupon available in the Taco John's Rewards App.  

A new favorite is Tasty Taco's.  Prior to moving to Des Moines, I had never tasted these Tasty Tacos.  It's a fitting name!  

Homemade Taco Nights rock, too.  Trader Joe's has great corn tortillas and three cheese Mexican cheese.  I prefer Pinto Beans over Refried or Black Beans.  Add some Tomato-less Corn Salsa from Trader Joe's and their delicious Hot & Sweet peppers and that's eating good!  

Where is the best place to get tacos in Des Moines???  

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