How Long It Takes To Burn Off Halloween Candy

I'm really regretting the bags of Halloween candy I just bought and am displaying on my desk.  Someone with a lot of time on their hands and hate in their heart figured out how long it takes to burn off fun size candy bars!  Here goes. . . don't shoot the messenger!  

A fun size Three Musketeers candy bar contains 63 calories.  Not bad.  Not bad until you figure out that it takes 420 jumping jacks or seven minutes worth of jumping jacks to burn the calories off!!!  It gets worse.

An 80 calorie fun size Milky Way or Almond Joy takes 534 jumping jacks to burn off or 8 minutes and 54 seconds!!!  

Stop reading if you sat at home on Saturday night polishing off a bag of Halloween candy.  Or was that just me? 

The G. O. A. T.  Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.  It takes 734 jumping jacks or 12 minutes and 12 seconds worth of jumping jacks to burn the calories!!!

It's clear now, we must only eat Halloween candy in the month of October and nothing else.  

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