Trader Joe's Holiday Items

Did you know there is a Trader Joe's Podcast?  I'm definitely tuning in!  I think i've mentioned this before, the thing i'm most thankful for in 2018 is that this new city I reside in, Des Moines, has a Trader Joe's.  The employees of Trader Joe's have come out with their picks for best holiday items and these items will be bought by me!!!

Buche de Noel Ice cream:  It's essentially a yule log made into ice cream with custard style ice cream, fudge ribbon and bits of merangue.

Boozy cheese - cheese made out of apple brandy

Turkey and Stuffing potato chips - enough said.

An Advent Calendar for dogs!!!  Give Fido a sweet treat every day in December.  Now, is there one for my cat, Louie?

Organic cold pressed cider - yum in a cup!  

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