Iowa Powerball Winner Sets Up Foundation

It's so unfortunate that lottery winners in most states have to come forward and identify themselves.  If I won a big prize, I definitely would want to remain anonymous.  In any case, the woman who won Iowa's largest lottery prize has come forward.  She's Lerynne West of Redfield and bought her ticket when she stopped at Casey's to get some pizza.  She figured out two days later that she was the big winner.

She splits the huge prize with another winner in New York City.  She has opted to take the $343.9 million annuity paid out over time.  She's going to get a new car, take several trips and she's already created the Callum Foundation named after he grandsome Callum who was born prematurely in April.  He survived just one day.  The charitable foundation will be focused on making grants alleviating poverty and hunger, helping education, animal welfare and veteran's affairs.   

Casey's receives $10,000 for selling the winning ticket.