Eau De Smelly Socks In The Air in DSM

Hmmmm. . . would you rather smell manure or dead animal?  These are the questions that i've found myself asking whilst living in Des Moines!  It's a wonderful city full of kind people, but boy, that smell!  I walked out of work late last night and a smell that I can only describe as "imagine the worst foot odor you've ever smelled and it's a tick above that" hit me in the face.   Sadly, I will take the strong winds socking me with that smell above the slaughterhouse scent that has overpowered me over the Summer in the East Village.  It's a new world, living somewhere that has an odor control department.  

FYI - if Des Moines receives more than 10 complaints about a scent, they have to investigate, if it is within city limits.  

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