Why did someone throw a tortilla onto the court in the NCAA Championship?

You may have been one of the 15 million people that watched the NCAA championship last night between Texas Tech and Virginia.

It was a pretty tight contest, but honestly, not crazy interesting for my taste.

That is, until we had a TORTILLA DELAY:

Ok, it's just a tortilla. Why is it such a big deal?

Apparently, this holds a special place in Texas Tech history.

In 1989, students starting throwing tortillas onto the the field after every first kickoff of a football game. No one knows exactly why, but they did it.

This became a penalty in 2001, calling it the "Tortilla Penalty."

So, occasionally, as an ode to an old tradition, the Red Raider faithful will stick some tortillas into their jacket, and start chucking them.

Can you imagine Kinnick or Jack Trice covered in tortillas?

Also that kid must have a CANNON to hit the floor with that thing.

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