Motivation Monday: Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Every Monday, i've been trying to share small motivational bits so that you can be encouraged to live your best life. Why am I qualified for this? I'm a total mess and i've been working out lately. If I can do this, YOU can do this. I know how it feels to know that you're not "living your best life." Trust. I haven't been living my best life for many, many years. But, it's NEVER TOO LATE. I've been working out for just a month and I do feel better. I'm setting small goals and trying to meet them. I'm not hating myself for NOT meeting the goals because I know i'm doing the best I can.

I can tell you that in the month that i've been working out:

  1. I feel like the world is released from my shoulders when I leave kickboxing class at Ferrell's
  2. I feel like i'm worthy of small treats like a bubble bath or a new gym bag
  3. I'm indulging in other activities like reading because i've always felt that in order to have "me time," I have to WORK HARD and if i'm not working out, i'm not working hard enough.
  4. I'm sleeping so much better. I never have a hard time falling asleep.
  5. I wake up feeling tired, but more mentally alert - like i'm waking up, not snoozing for hours.
  6. I'm waking up earlier on the weekends and not wasting my life.
  7. I'm getting more sunshine in my life on weekends when I choose to get cardio in by jogging by the river.
  8. I have an amazing sense of accomplishment when I complete a 45 minute kickboxing class. It's not easy and i'm doing it!!!
  9. My skin is better because i'm drinking more water and eliminating toxins from my system.
  10. I'm eating better because, really, why would you want to diminish the results of your hard work by eating food that doesn't make you feel good?
  11. I don't feel as guilty if I eat some chocolate or ice cream because my metabolism is running better. I worked for this ice cream!
  12. My cravings for greasy, fried food are gone. Now if only I didn't want sugar anymore. . .

Now, on to this week's Monday Motivation Minute. . . variety!!! Get some variety in your workout to keep it interesting and to keep you from getting bored. Boredom could lose to a complete loss of interest in working out. A workout isn't supposed to be easy, it's WORK. But the work comes in a number of different varieties. The only way i've ever been able to stick to a workout plan is through variety. I love classes, all different types of classes from Zumba to Step to Drills. I like being told what to do!! I love dancing, which makes Zumba perfect for me. Zumba isn't the most difficult workout, so I need other types of workouts to challenge me, too. This is where Farrell's Kickboxing classes come in. The classes are 45 minutes of challenge!!! I get nervous before each class because i'm afraid this is the one that's going to do me in. Hasn't happened yet. I HATE running, but the after effects are pretty great. I've been challenging myself to do couch to 5K again and the fact that each time I take a job i'm running further and further makes me feel good.

You can't forget about toning and shaping your muscles (though, I do a lot). Pilates is great for this. Farrell's offers 3 strength training classes per week, too. Yoga is a great things to add into your workouts to increase flexibility, build muscle and teach relaxation techniques.

And then all the other fun things, too. Join an adult dance class. Go rock climbing. Cross fit!!! Swimming!!! Join an adult sport like kickball!!! The YMCA has tons of great sources of mind and body wellness.

Go live your best life!

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