Two Ingredient Ice Cream Recipe

You can't go for a safer ice cream social than the one you have in your home!!! Did you know making your own ice cream is easy??? You don't even need a fancy ice cream machine!

All you need to get into the ice cream business is one 14 oz can of COLD sweetened condensed milk and two cups of HEAVY whipping cream!

Mix the whipping cream for 2-3 minutes until sweet peaks are formed. Add in the cold sweetened condensed milk. Then, add a little vanilla to make the ice cream scoopable.

Next. . . this is where the fun comes in, what kind of ice cream do you want? Go crazy! Add in cookie dough or fruit. Then, freeze for at least six hours or overnight in a large resealable container.

Yumm!! Send me a picture of your creation! Tag us on Instagram @1075KISSFM.

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