Jason Momoa's Des Moines Timeline

Well, if this gets the authorities looking at me for stalking, I wouldn't be that surprised. Is Jason Momoa still in the Des Moines area? I don't think so, but through local reports and social media, this is what i've managed to figure out.

Saturday, March 26 - Jason has hernia surgery

Sunday, March 27 - Jason appears at the Academy Awards

Monday, March 28 - Jason appears at the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party and flirts with Kate Beckinsale until 5am

Monday, March 28 - Jason Momoa flies to Des Moines and goes straight to Tasty Tacos on SE 14th Street.

Tuesday, March 29 - Momoa is spotted at Waveland cafe around 10am.

Tuesday, March 29 - Momoa shops at West End Architectural Salvage and purchases tin copper table tops and old lightining

Wednesday, March 30 - Jason Momoa again eats at Waveland Cafe

Thursday, March 30 - Jason Momoa may have again eaten at Waveland Cafe before leaving the area.

Tasty Tacos and Waveland Cafe posted on Facebook about Jason's visits. Waveland Cafe said that he stopped by all three days of his visit! Is this Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday? Is he still here??

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