Ames Viral Tik Tokker's Cancer Battle Has Ended

If you are looking for inspiration to be brave, look at the legacy of the late Jessica Hiatt of Ames. She went viral on Tik Tok for so vulnerably and so bravely sharing her Stage IV Colon Cancer battle with the world. She posted her battle until the end. Jessica lost her three year battle this week at the age of 34.

In February, she sent a plea out to try beignets. She had always wanted to taste a beignet, but would not be able to make it to New Orleans for the Mardi Gras season treats. Hy-Vee threw her a Mardi Gras party complete with a New Orleans jazz band, and of course, beignets.

Here is Jessica tasting her beignets.

Jessica, thank you so much for inspiring us to not take one single day for granted and for so bravely fighting with all you have.

On March 22nd, she shared the reality of her situation and left us all a message.

Jessica Hiatt lost her battle this week. This was posted on her Tik Tok.

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