Monday Motivation Minute: 4 Things You Can Do Daily To Be Happy

It's a new week, it sounds cliche, but let's make it the best we can! I was reading an article on four things we can do everyday to check in with ourselves.


CHECK IN. We don't hesitate to ask others how they are doing, how are WE doing? What can we do to make sure we're happy?

LIMIT SOCIAL MEDIA. There are so many cases of depression and anxiety caused by overscrolling. If you find yourself starting to feel negative after an Instagram sesh... be disciplined enough to set limits. It's for your own good.

SET BOUNDARIES. Lets not make this a week where you cater to others before yourself. If you need to turn down an invitation for self-care, don't think twice. If someone's negativity is getting to you, turn away.

CREATE MOMENTS OF POSITIVITY. It's Monday, I get it. It's hard to find the happy. Create moments of joy. What brings you joy? Watching 30 minutes of your favorite show? Reading a chapter in a book? Sharing a funny meme with a friend? Do it all!

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