Marshmello is Taking Over YouTube!

If you thought the Alternative/EDM collaboration between Bastille and Marshmello was a random surprise, check out Mello's YouTube cooking show! Oh, in case you forgot, Marshmello doesn't talk... 

However, I've got to give him and his production team huge props, because these videos are still great - even without dialogue! 


He's even teaming up with other famous YouTubers to get his series up and running, and I'm already finding myself looking forward to the next episode. 

(New recipes every Tuesday!)

For example, remember Epic Meal Time? That one bacon-focused channel that made giant foods covered in Jack Daniels? Here's the episode that features Harley!


Today, my favorite YouTubers, Rhett and Link, released a video with Marshmello on their super famous channel - Good Mythical Morning! I'm here for all of this. Check out Mello's appearance on GMM here:

Alex Mac

Alex Mac

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