MCR's Gerard Way Releasing a New Song on Friday!

Yes. So much YES. 

My Chemical Romance front man, Gerard Way, is releasing his first new single since 2014 called 'Baby You're a haunted House' - just in time for Halloween!

We only have this brief teaser video, but from what we can hear - I'm so pumped for it! 


I know the Internet would break if we got that MCR reunion we've been wishing for, but let's not forget how good Gerard Way's solo project was! 

'Hesitant Alien' dropped in 2014, and I still put some of the singles on blast in the Alex Mac-mobile. It's kind of a post-punk, power-pop vibe (Wow, genre-drop much? Yeah, I'm that guy) but definitely re-unite yourself with my favorite track from that project - 'Action Cat' here:

Alex Mac

Alex Mac

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