In Memory of Stan Lee: a SUPERcut of His Cameos

I was so sad to hear about Marvel Comics creator, Stan Lee, passing away yesterday at 95. 

Growing up, I collected Marvel comic books and action figures, watched the cartoons, and saw all the movies of my favorite superheros. I was called a "nerd" and "dork" by the kids at school, but it didn't matter to me. Stan Lee gave all of "nerds" an escape from a sometimes tough world. 

He also showed us, and me personally, that even the nerdiest kids could grow up to be heroes by doing what was right. That's why I STILL love Spider-Man so much, and I often compare myself to Peter Parker. I even have a Spider-Man decal on the back of my car!

In memory of the great Stan Lee, here is my favorite of his always-memorable quotes that I think about almost daily as a radio personality:

"I used to be embarrassed because I was just a comic-book writer while other people were building bridges or going on to medical careers. And then I began to realize: entertainment is one of the most important things in people’s lives. Without it they might go off the deep end. I feel that if you’re able to entertain people, you’re doing a good thing." – Stan Lee, The Washington Post

Alex Mac

Alex Mac

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