Phone-Schooled: Am I Too Old for TikTok?

Wow, I'm getting old. There's a new app/social media platform that I guess I'm just not "hip" to, so I got James Drou to give me a professional Gen Z lesson in TikTok for this week's episode of 'Phone-Schooled.' 

TikTok (formerly might, MIGHT, be the new Vine, but with some unspoken age restrictions. After a brief scroll down the home page, I felt wildly uncomfortable (read as: OLD AF) but I absolutely see the appeal. 

James Drou has 90k followers on the app, and his lesson on 'Phone-Schooled' was super helpful in getting me to understand why it matters. 

So. Should I make an account? Check out the latest show here:

Alex Mac

Alex Mac

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