All Time Low Guitarist Jack Barakat Joins Bryce Vine on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Talk about a great surprise! I tuned into Jimmy Kimmel Live! to watch my buddy Bryce Vine perform his latest single, 'La La Land,' and hey, wait... Is that Jack Barakat from All Time Low!?

Jack shows up in the beginning busking as Bryce casually walks down the sidewalk. Then we see him performing again on stage as the song finishes up. What a cool cameo! I know Bryce has some shows coming up, and I would love to Jack stay on as his touring guitarist. How cool would that be!?

Yeah, Bryce Vine is definitely a pop act, but he's also a huge pop-punk fan! So... can you blame me for hoping for a Bryce Vine x All Time Low collab now??

Alex Mac

Alex Mac

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