NEW MUSIC: Travis Barker, YUNGBLUD, & Machine Gun Kelly "I Think I'm OKAY"

HO-LY SH*T. Travis Barker of blink-182. YUNGBLUD. And rapper, Machine Gun Kelly came out of nowhere with this song, and I'm OBSESSED! Can you tell by all of the capital letters I'm using?

They just dropped a brand new song and music video for "I Think I'm OKAY," and it's straight up amazing. Is pop-punk back? Am I dreaming? If so, please don't wake me up -haha! I genuinely wish I were in this music video. What a party! Check out the video here:


WAIT! I know why I like this so much. Doesn't it remind you of New Found Glory's video for "My Friends Over You?" Let's compare...

Alex Mac

Alex Mac

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