Taco Bell Is Now Selling A Sour Strawberry Skittles Freeze

Taco Bell Freeze fans are loyal to trying all the new flavors, and the latest one comes just in time for Halloween!

The newest slushy is a Sour Strawberry Skittles Freeze. The twisted new addition to the Taco Bell Freeze is an exciting update, especially if you love to mix flavors.

The traditional Strawberry Skittle Freeze is a classic on the Taco Bell menu, but this sour twist on the drink includes a ribbon of sourness made from actual Sour Skittle candies, according to Taco Bell.

According to Chew Boom, you'll be able to get the new Freeze in both regular and large sizes for a suggested price of $2.49 and $2.79 each, respectively.

Keep an eye out at Taco Bell participating locations if you want a little twist on a classic.

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