Where To Buy The Yeezy Boost 350 'Zebra' This Weekend...And It's Going To Be Tough!

If you're like me and have missed out on pretty much every Yeezy Boost that has been released ... I wish I had better news. The 'Zebra" Yeezy Boost 350 drops this Saturday but instead of stocking at the usual sneaker boutiques and larger chains such as Foot Action and East Bay - it is only dropping at 4 Adidas stores in the US. That's right...only 4 stores. But you could also try your luck on adidas.com. 

Expect to take an L on these as resell is slated to be very high. Kanye West once said that his vision is for everyone to be able to have and wear Yeezy sneakers. We're waiting Kanye.

See the full list here