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Megan + Zombie Burger + The Chainsmokers?

1075 KISS FM likes to get you INTO THE ACTION! 

Luckily for Megan, she wanted to be "into the action" bad enough, that she somehow ended up in The Chainsmokers DRESSING ROOM. 

Yes, their dressing room. Two of Megan's friends were celebrating their 21st birthdays that weekend and Megan really wanted to give them the best present ever! (We think she did...) She was chosen to go to The Chainsmokers dressing room, eat some Zombie Burger, and hang out- alone with the guys. (Yes, this was an exclusive M&G).

Plus, looks like Megan and the girls recruited Alex and Drew to their sorority... Take a look at the pics & what Megan had to say below!

The concert was absolutely amazing. The day was so surreal. Meeting Alex and Drew was incredible. We were speechless, they were so kind and funny. Really everyone we encountered was so nice to us. Getting upgraded tickets and then upgraded again was great! When I won this experience I thought we were going to get a quick photo with them and be on our way, but not that was not the case. We were escorted to our own room while waiting to meet the Chainsmokers and were given Zombie Burger to eat. We were all so nervous they would walk in while we had a mouthful of burger in our mouth, but luckily not the case. 

By far my favorite part was the soundcheck. There was maybe 40 people and we were brought onto the ground floor and Alex and Drew basically gave us a private concert. We were not allowed to use our phones so we just got to enjoy the experience and take it all in. Plus while Drew was starting the song Paris he started singing "We were playing with ferrets" instead of "We were staying in Paris" and made us all laugh.

My friends and I are so thankful to 1075 KISS FM for the experience of a lifetime. We know this is something we'll be talking about for a long time. I was so happy I got to share this experience with them and make their 21st birthdays grand.

Thanks so much again!

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