Petition Seeks to Shut Down Haunted House, Calls it a 'Torture Chamber'

A haunted house that's offering $20,000 to anyone who can make it to the end has come under fire for being too scary.

In fact, residents of Tennessee and Alabama -- each of which is home to the McKamey Manor haunted house -- have started a petition to shut down the attractions, claiming the homes are "torture chambers disguised as a haunted house." So far, more than 31,000 people have signed it.

During the McKamey Manor tour, which lasts a whopping 10 hours, visitors are bound with duct tape, "forced to eat things" and sometimes even waterboarded, according to the petition.

It claims several visitors have had to seek medical or psychiatric assistance after enduring the attraction's horrors. Owner Russ McKamey, who calls himself a "very straight-laced conservative guy," says, "People think this is a torture factory, a fetish factory -- all of these things that it’s not."

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