Woman Shocked When She Runs Into Ex, Years After His Family Claimed He Died

A woman in Australia was shook when she met her ex-boyfriend in a restaurant, years after she was told that he was dead.

The woman named Rachel loaned her ex $1,000 when he was in need according to ABC and when things got sour in their relationship they split and she only received $300 from him.


Shortly after she discovered that her ex not only owed her money but owed his friends money as well. Rachel then was told from a mutual friend that her ex-boyfriend had passed away.

'It sounds stupid in retrospect, but you don't have any reason to question it. If I called you and told you my mum I'd died, you wouldn't be like, ''give me a death certificate'',' she said.

Later on Rachel ran into her ex-boyfriend (who remains anonymous) at a restaurant where he was working at and was in complete disbelief! Click here for the full story.

I mean can you even imagine?

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