Man Grows Penis on Arm

I don't even know where to start with this because we all just want to get straight to the photos. Here's what I can show you on this website. [I think]

So, legend has it, one day his [in its normal spot] just fell off. Poof. Gone. In reality, he had a blood infection and it had to be amputated.

He worked with doctors/scientists who are pros at transplants, to come up with the idea to have one grow on his arm. They attached the six inch member there, to other nerves etc, and for SIX YEARS he had to live with a dangling appendage on his forearm.

Now, he feels like a man again, so that's good. His kids probably want to hang out with him again, too. Can you imagine what an arm-peen does to the sex talk?!?!?

I did Google the "uncensored arm penis" pictures, and they exist... but someone would probably yell at me for linking the search. You know what to do.

Here's the science so this is nothing more than an educational article:

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