Pat Sajak Tackles 'Wheel Of Fortune' Contestant Mid-Show

Photo: Wheel Of Fortune/Sony

Tuesday's episode of Wheel Of Fortune was a very memorable one, and not just because drama teacher Fred Fletcher-Jackson swept the game, solving every puzzle correctly and winning the bonus round, it was due to the fact that at the end of the show, host Pat Sajak put Fred in a headlock and attempted to tackle him.

The strange behavior took place following Fred's win in the bonus round, where he correctly solved the puzzle, which was "His Mind Is Wandering." Pat revealed that with the solve, Fred will be taking home an additional $40,000. Ecstatic, Fred hugged his father, who joined him on the stage. At that point, Pat ran up to the contestant, put him in a hammer lock and attempted to take him down.

The 76-year-old Pat had been making references to bringing Fred to the floor throughout the show too. At the end of regular gameplay, he asked the other contestants, who were blown out by Fred, "You want me to body slam him for you? I can do that!"

However, it all makes a little more sense when you learn that Fred is also a professional wrestler who even met his girlfriend in a wrestling class. So Pat was just play wrestling with the contestant.

At the very end of the show, Vanna White said to Pat, "I had no idea you were a wrestler." He responded, "Yeah I used to do that professionally." He joked that his wrestler name was "The Masked Sage" and asked Vanna if she wants to "tag team" Fred.

Fred later spoke about what happened in an interview with Wheel's social correspondent, Maggie Sajak. The video was posted to Instagram and in it, he explained that he couldn't escape Pat's strong grip.

It was a pretty good day for Fred. He left with $77,800 in total and a trip to Costa Rica, plus the memory of Pat Sajak wrestling him.

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