Eric White

Eric White

What's good! Thanks for chillin' with me! I'm Eric (most people just call me E.) and I'm basically what happens when a hot mess and a hipster have a baby.

My first language is sarcasm. If I make fun of you, it means I like you!

I have an unhealthy obsession with the throwback baseball jerseys, skateboarding, anything 90s, Rick & Morty, Philadelphia sports and Vans sneakers. Bam Margera is my spirit animal, and if I could eat breakfast for every meal, I would.

When I'm not yelling into a microphone, I'm probably either working out (I was a powerlifter in college!), producing beats, taking pictures, chillin' at a coffee shop, cheffin' it up in the kitchen (I'm low-key a good cook), or road tripping to a random destination (suggestions are graciously accepted!)

Before you ask, yes, I took all of this off of my old Tinder bio.



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