Eric White

Eric White

What's good! Thanks for chillin' with me! I'm Eric (most people just call me E.) and like most millennials, I like fancy coffee and dope beats. I made the trip from the 215 (Philadelphia) to the 515 and I truly love it here! The people are so much nicer!

I'm just your typical East Coast loud mouth that loves ranting about random things and hooking you up with some new music to listen to! I was that kid in high school that made playlists for everyone!

Hmmm... what else? 

Well, My first language is sarcasm. I am obsessed with anything that came from the 90s, and my favorite beer is the cold kind. I have an unhealthy obsession with throwback baseball jerseys and Vans sneakers. Jay-Z is my spirit animal, and my favorite genre of food is breakfast (Waveland Cafe is NEXT. LEVEL.)

When I'm not saying things into a microphone, I'm probably either lifting heavy things (I was a powerlifter in college!), producing beats, listening to all sorts of random music, or road tripping to a random destination (suggestions are graciously accepted!)

Before you ask, yes, I took all of this off of my Tinder bio.



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