My struggles with Mental Health and why YOURS are OK too!

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Well, today got me in the mushy mood.

It's World Suicide Prevention Day, and it's awesome to see the support everyone is giving one another!

Our world has been extremely taboo of mental health awareness for a long time, and it makes me happy that more and more people are becoming open to discussing it.

I've struggled with depression and high-functioning anxiety for all of my life, but I've only known about it for 8 years. I started getting my mind right after an incident when I was 15, and since then, I've been pretty good about keeping it all together and maintaining positive vibes as much as possible! I'm thankful for everyone and everything in my life that has helped me along the way.

I wrote a little something on my Instagram about my struggles and what I've gone through in the quest to address my mental health over the years.

I hope you take a few seconds to read it, and maybe share your story as well!

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🚨LONG POST ALERT 🚨 ****************************************************** Let’s take today, #NationalSuicidePreventionDay, to try to change the outlook on mental health. Getting a little deep here, but I have contemplated, I have abused myself, and I have attempted (I’M OK NOW NO WORRIES). It’s scary and sad but it’s real. And the thoughts of suicide may be gone for me, but the way my brain works will never change. I’ll always have high-functioning anxiety, I’ll always have depression. It is what it is, I’ve figured it out at this point😂 And I’m not alone. A lot of people struggle. And many are not here anymore. I’ve been lucky to have a great support group as I keep going through my struggles. Some people don’t though. So, let’s take a step shall we? Let’s change the way we think. Because mental health is IMPORTANT!!! ****************************************************** • going to see a counselor is not a bad thing. They only want to help you! • You are not a weak person if you take a medication for your depression or anxiety. Sometimes, that’s the only thing that works for you! I don’t take them, but if you do, it’s ok!!! • doing an activity to get your mind off of the struggles in your life is EXTREMELY healthy (that’s what I do lol #GYM #BEATS #COFFEE). Just PLEASE avoid drinking or drugs: that’s bad. • it is important to accept the things you can’t change and work to change the things you can’t, and take the time to know the difference. • TALK. TO. YOUR. FRIENDS. And if they don’t understand, it’s time to get new friends. If you are a friend of someone with mental health issues, work towards understanding. ****************************************************** Nothing going on in your life is worth taking it away. I can promise you that life is BEAUTIFUL! Losing people to suicide is 100% preventable. So let’s work to stop it, one person at a time♥️.

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If you're struggling with anything, reach out to someone! Reach out to someone that is struggling!

Hit me up, even, I'll probably send you some sort of meme to make you laugh!

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