Maluma Catches Crutch Thrown At Him During His Don Juan World Tour Concert

Another concert, another item being thrown at an artist while they perform😔

Lately there's been a trend of fans throwing objects at artists while they perform onstage and this time it was a huge item. During Maluma's Don Juan World Tour concert in Sacramento on August 31st, someone threw a crutch at the Colombian singer as he was performing. Someone captured the incident on video and thankfully Maluma's reflexes are incredible as the singer caught the crutch with ONE hand mid-air.

Instead of stopping the show to explain his frustration, Maluma continued his performance and even used the crutch as a prop before he handed it back into the crowd. This trend of throwing items at artists needs to stop because Maluma and anyone else who's experienced this could've gotten hurt really bad. For more, click here.

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