Cinnabon is Now Selling its Iconic Cream Cheese Frosting By The Pint

Cinnamon roll lovers, great news! Cinnabon has now begun selling its signature cream cheese frosting by the pint for the first time ever. The topping which is drizzled on the chains cinnamon rolls, is now being sold all on its own for $5.99 at its 900 U.S locations and through food delivery app.

Because most of Cinnabon locations are at malls and airports, places that aren't getting much traffic now because of the pandemic, this is the company's way of getting their products more people. In September, Cinnabon also launched its first-ever frozen breakfast line at major stores including Target and Walmart.

Now you can have your own tub of the frosting to top your own home made baked goods with or you can just take a spoon to the tub. No judgement!