#MostRequestedLive Interview: 24KGoldn

We're in a great mood because 24kGoldn is back on #MostRequestedLive for another interview! This time he got to talking about having such a long run at #1 with "Mood," having his first live performance be on such a big stage with Jimmy Kimmel, on collaborating with artists outside of hip-hop and lots more.

On having such a long run at #1 with his breakout single:

"I mean, I feel like I'm on top of the world, bro. This is everything that I ever wanted and ever could have dreamed of when I first started making music. I didn't come in it to get the Billboards, to me... this Billboard #1 reaffirms that I already knew that I am that n***a."

On his first live performance being on "Jimmy Kimmel Live":

"I felt so alive. Like, bro, this is not supposed to happen to people where I'm from. No one has done this before that I know, so I feel like I'm really paving the way for a lot of artists in the next generation that followed behind me, that feel comfortable making music with their friends that they like and not trying to please everybody, just doing what makes them happy and seeing where it takes them."

On collaborating with artists outside hip-hop:

"From the get go, one thing I did know was that I wanted to do it bigger than anyone has ever done it from where I'm from. To do that, I needed to do what no one else has done. Part of that is stepping out of my comfort zone and stepping out of what I already know. I'm not the biggest pop historian in the world, and I've never been to the UK yet, but I'm really open-minded... I got two joints running up the chart in the UK right now and I ain't even been there. That's crazy to me."

Watch the full conversation between 24kGoldn and Maxwell below or on our IGTV!