Three New Ben & Jerry's Flavors

If you love ice cream, and who doesn't in the middle of Winter, there are three new reasons to browse the ice cream section of Schnuck's!  Ben & Jerry's have three new flavors!  Urban Bourbon, Oat of this Swirled and Truffle Kerfuffle are the names of the new flavors.  

Many people complained when Ben & Jerry retired Oatmeal Cookie Chunk, but complain no more.  Oat of the Swirled is described as "buttery brown sugar ice cream with fudge flakes and bits of Oatmeal cinnamon cookie Swirls.  Truffle Kerfluffle sounds heavenly!  It's described as vanilla ice cream with fudge flakes and salted chocolate ganache swirl.  Urban Bourbon is the only Ben & Jerry's flavor.  Expect to find these new flavors in stores the middle of February!  Yumm!!