We Need To Talk About Toby Wearing A Fat Suit

Have you ever had a tv show change your life?  That's how I feel every week as i'm watching THIS IS US.  It like sneaks in and pulls out feelings I must be supressing because it's waterworks for at least 15 of the 60 minutes!!!  I've never formed this kind of emotional attachment to anything or anyONE this quickly!!!  Obsessed.  Can't live without it.  Don't want to ever think of it being over.

With that said, I, like many, were taken by surprise when it was found that Toby wears a fat suit!!!  Yeah, go figure!!!  I was shocked at first, but with time, i've gotten over it.  Co-star Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate, does NOT wear a fat suit.  She did, however, wear a fat suit when she was on AMERICAN HORROR STORY.