Chuck Berry's Public Visitation

The father of Rock n' Roll Chuck Berry will be laid to rest today in St. Louis where he was born and raised.  

The Celebration of the legend's life began last night with A Toast to Chuck outside Blueberry Hill on his star on the St. Louis Walk of Fame.  The toast was led by Berry's best friend and Blueberry Hill owner, Joe Edwards.  

Johnny Rivers, who had a number one hit with the Berry penned "Memphis," was, also, on site to toast his beloved friend.  About 20 people showed up for the toast, while all of St. Louis was encouraged to toast wherever they happened to be 10pm. 

Fans lined up beginning at 5am on Sunday for a public visitation at the Pageant.   Karen from the Lindenwood Park neighborhood of St. Louis was one of those people who stood in line at 5am.  She says she had to do it because of his status as an icon and all the joy his music brought to her life.  

The Celebration of Life begins at 1pm.  The family is allowing 300 members of the public into the rumored four hour ceremony.  

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