Wilhemina Slater Spotted At Waffle House in St. Louis

Confession!  I've been obsessed with Vanessa Williams since she was Miss America.  Oops.   My age is showing.  Yes, Vanessa Williams, who played Wilhemina Slater on Ugly Betty, began her showbiz career with a crown.  The crown didn't last nearly as long as her over three decade career!  When I saw a billboard advertising that she was coming to Lindenwood University on April First, I had to go!!!!  

I ended up going solo (try is sometime, you might feel badass), and ended up with one ticket in the front row!  The show was incredible!!!!  It was like a VH-1 Storytellers.  She did her early radio hits, wasn't shy about speaking of how her Miss America career "went to hell," and spoke of how Disney once said she would NEVER work with them.  She did lose her crown due to a nude picture scandal, but Disney DID work with her.  Hello "Colors Of the Wind!!!"  

Anyway, the show was amazing, she's a Goddess with charisma, charm and grace.  AND!  AND!   AND!  She loves Waffle House!!!!  Following the show, she got something to eat at Waffle House.  I'm assuming that it was the one right there in St. Chuck.  Her time stamp on her Facebook page finds her at Waffle House just a few minutes after the show ended.  It would appear that she, also, does her own Facebook page, too!