Guns N' Roses Do St. Louis

It's a long time coming. . . Guns N' Roses finally return to St. Louis after a loooonnnng break.  We all know what occurred the last time they were there (if you don't - A RIOT!).  They're back touring together and as the Production Manager on their Not In This Lifetime Tour says, "Everyone feels fantastic about the St. Louis show."   This includes Axl.

When asked about the colorful message Axl Rose left for St. Louis in the liner notes of USE YOUR ILLUSION, the tour's production manager feels it's all in the past.  He says, "we've all aged.  We've all moved along in time.  It's comfortable."  

In any case, the legacy tour will be quite the spectacle.  For each stop on the tour, between 500 and 600 people are put to work.  The steel set is carried by 15 trucks with another 20 trucks carrying additional production set.  It takes 36 hours to pur a tour of this magnitude together.  The set crew has been in town for the past couple of days setting up the Dome at America's Center.

The St. Louis stop of the tour is the first date on the second leg of the North American tour.  The band just wrapped a European tour after last year's jaunt through the U. S.  The set list is expected to be the same as the European leg of the tour.

Things to note for the show tomorrow. . . the show begins at 6pm!  The show is long.  Guns N' Roses take the stage around 7:20pm.  Don't be late!  There are a number of items you cannot bring into the Dome at America's Center, including the usual weapons, drugs, etc. . .  You cannot bring in selfie sticks, tablets or large bags.  

Guns N' Roses Stage

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