Find Out If YOUR Eclipse Glasses Are Good

Monday is the big day!!!  The St. Louis area is in the area of Totality for the historical eclipse.   Hotel rooms have been booked for years in this area for this historic event.  Are you ready??  I've seen many, many Facebook statuses today inquiring about "WHERE CAN I FIND ECLIPSE GLASSES?"  The consensus seems to believe that we are sold out of them!  My recommendation?  Go out to an Eclipse event like the Totality event at the Cheterfield Amphitheatre.  If you buy a ticket, it will include glasses.  Six Flags is hosting "Total Eclipse of the Park."  The park is not open on Monday, but for $10 a car load, you can be a part of their festivities in the parking lot.  

If you've ordered Eclipse glasses or someone has sold you some, the expert say, there are three things you need to look for to find out if your glasses are authentic.  They must contain the letters "ISO," "CE" and the numbers "12312-2."  Staring at the sun can burn your retina.  Be safe! NASA has posted on their website important safety measures to take.