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St. Louis' Best Dance Clubs

I'm 15 years into the club game in St. Louis, so I liken myself to be expert status.  I'm usually the person people new in town turn to when they need to find out where to go for entertainment.  Am I radio dj or a concierge?  I'll take both!  I have always loved to have a good time.  If you've been listening to Z1077 for a long time, you must remember when we were at literally 20 clubs a week!  I mean we used to do Margarita Mondays at the Drunken Fish in the Central West End.  Tuesdays we were at the Dam (Bar 101) in South County AND Brewskeez in North County.  Wednesdays it was Maragrita Mama's at Westport Plaza and later Twister's in Weldon Springs.  Thursdays we hung out at Bar St. Louis on the Landing and the Phoenix in South County.  Fridays were all about America's Pub in Westport Plaza, Buca on the Landing and Velvet on Washington Avenue.  Saturday nights it was all about that live show, baby!  We were at Kobalt (no lofts) on Wash Ave and later at THE OZ!!!  There were SO many more along the way, too.  

Then, in 2009-ish the recession hit and many clubs slowed down.  People just didn't have the money to go out anymore.  Some people were frightened by the recession and fast tracked their way to adulthood and started saving money.  The club scene changed to more of a bar scene.  But still, if you like to dance, there are still places to go!

If you have friends in town that want to go out and dance.  Here is my list of the ten best places to enjoy music and dancing in St. Louis.

1.  Mandarin in the Central West End:  If you want to keep it classy and enjoy some of the best djs in St. Louis HISTORY, THIS is where you go.  Shout out to my faves DJ Greasy and DJ Big D!  The vibe is upscale classy and it's fun to have to take an elevator up to the action.  The outdoor patio is awesome.  This club has kept its cool for a decade!

2.  Rehab in the Grove:  The owner Kyle has the BEST taste in music.  It mirrors mine.  It's filled with Mariah Carey and old skool R&B.  Rehab is awesome because everyone feels free to be EXACTLY who they are without judgement.  You see young, old, straight, gay, transgender, black, white, asian, Hispanic, everyone at Rehab!  The bartenders are FFFFFIIIINNNNNE, too.  

3.  Pepper Lounge on Locust:  This is another long standing club.  I believe its around 15 years old.  This is the club you go to when you have Monday off because they kick it HARD on Sunday nights with Sunday Skool.  Best djs, hands down, in St. Louis.  Depending on when you go, you will hear DJ Deception, DJ Big D, Arty J or DJ Greasy.  They are the best of the best in the dj game in St. Louis.  Do it big, Do it Pepper!

4.  Olive Bar in Midtown:  If you love hip/Hop, there is no better place in St. Louis to get your party on than at the Olive Bar in Midtown.  Beware!  The drinks are strong, but if you want a little food, the chicken wings are the best in town! So good!  DJ AJ is awesome and he spins there on Saturday nights.  And don't forget to check out Reggae on the Roof, their upstairs outdoor patio.  Very cool vibes, mon.

5.  The Tin Roof Downtown:  This is a new chain restaurant/bar/live performance venue.  The ambiance is super cool.  Great place to go before games and concerts at the Scottrade Center.  DJ Deception is in the house on Thursday nights (personally, the best night to go out).  Themed brunches are the thing on Sundays.

6.  Just John's in the Grove:  If you want to have fun with the friendliest people in St. Louis, you need to be at Just John's!  Drinks are strong and inexpensive and they are big into theme nights.  Karaoke on Thursdays is like a broadway audition.  So many great singers.  Show Tune Sunday is the real deal.  In between, the djs play the best dance remixes from your favorite divas.  Britney Spears, Little Mix, Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato are in no shortage at Just John's!

7.  Wheelhouse Downtown:  Such a cool atmosphere!  Great location, right down the street from Busch Stadium.  The food is pretty amazing, too.  Enjoy bottomless mimosas while you day drink on Sundays.  Great djs on Saturday nights.

8.  Big Daddy's on the Landing:  The last man standing on the Landing, but totally worth the drive down to the Landing to check out.  Parking is easy and the music is LOUD.  It was fun ten years ago and it's still fun today.

9.  The Oz in Sauget:  This club has been around forever.  Seriously.  Ask your parents.  It's just three minutes from the Arch and totally worth the drive.  It's a true dance club, dj booth, VIP room and all.  The dance floor is huge, the lights are amazing and the music is loud.  Shout out to DJ Reece and Arty J who DJ there all the time!  

10.  Big Daddy's in Soulard:  If you want to have a laid back night out with a little dancing, this is where you should go.  DJ booth up front, drinks to the left, you can't go wrong.  And it's a great spot if you want to dance before and after sporting events.  They have a bus that will take you to the Scottrade Center or Busch Stadium.  

So, where's the party going to be tonight?

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